I'm Lorraine from Atlanta, Georgia. I have enjoyed sewing for many years. Coming from a family of seamstresses, I too developed a joy for sewing. Growing up, I was self-taught on sewing, crocheting, knitting, and embroidery. I have also had the opportunity to obtain many hours of professional training in advancements sewing and tailoring from a local technical college. 

Along my journey, I created clothing items for many people, as well as creating novelty items for many occasion such as parties, weddings, school functions, corporate events, etc. Nowas I sit and smell the roses, watch the sun rise, and relax with a cup of coffee, I look forward to all that sewing has to offer. I still enjoy sewing and crafting novelty items. Making individuals happy, especially little children and adults, is my ultimate goal, as I hope to bring joy to someone with my handmade creations!